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    Proven To Last

    2,000 years ago, the Romans knew the value of using slate for roofing their homes.

    Water cannot possibly get past it (Provided, of course, it is expertly fitted and well maintained.) and it lasts. It can even be recycled if an old building is being demolished, and used again on a new building.

    However, slate is a hard material and it’s possible for it to crack or break if hit by a heavy or sharp object. If this should happen, as the result of a severe storm, or something unexpected like a tree falling on the roof (It does happen!) the MF Roofing can easily replace a single slate, or any number of slates, with identical looking and performing ones.

    A Great Choice For New Builds

    Slate is an ideal choice for a new building. It is resistant to UV rays, and can easily withstand heavy weights such as a large snowfall putting pressure on the roof. Our Highly Trained Experts have over 20 years experience in all aspects of slate roofing. GET A FREE QUOTE NOW

    Locally Sourced Quality Material

    All the slates we use are local, not imported. They are all tested to British Standards and come with a full warranty from the manufacturers. This means the slates on your roof will be of the highest quality, and considerably less expensive than imported material.

    Get Our FREE Prevention – Before You Need The Cure

    Let MF Roofing get up close and personal with your slate roof and ensure that it is secure, and fully able to withstand the worst of the North West weather. While the slates themselves are unlikely to fail, it is possible for the nails holding them in place to rot or rust over the years, which can cause slippage, and loose slates. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

    We will be happy to come and check your slate roof completely free of charge.

    Get the benefit and peace of mind of a FREE survey by the Maintenance Free Roofing Liverpool Team – and protect your home or business premises for years to come. BOOK A FREE SURVEY NOW