Garage Roof Replacement Liverpool: Why Cutting Costs Can Be A False Economy

Garage Roof Replacement Liverpool

Typically, the roof on your garage will be a flat one. It may be past its best and you’re noticing some leakage. If so, it’s time to consider garage roof replacement Liverpool services. Many of us store valuable possessions above and beyond our prized vehicles in our garages, so it’s not worth taking a chance on these getting ruined by the elements.

This blog post looks at how to tell if your garage roof simply needs repair or a full replacement; and offers some hints and tips on saving costs. In the short term, it can be tempting to cut the expense as much as possible; but this often leaves you in a vulnerable position and more liable to needing to replace the roof sooner than you should. Some roofing firms may suggest patching up or simply leaving the old felt in place and laying the new materials on top. This will save on buying new materials for the entire project. However, the underlying older materials may still have water damage or be compromised in some other way – timbers may be rotten, for instance. Hiding the problem may only serve to shorten the life of your roof over the longer term. It may also invalidate any guarantee offered by the manufacturers on any new materials fitted. You don’t want to be paying out for roofers Liverpool based to carry out the job again from scratch any sooner than you have to! If you have noticed leaks in different areas of your garage, or the roof has already had to be patched up several times, then it’s probably time to take the plunge and pay for a full garage roof replacement Liverpool way.

Does the roof in question adjoin your neighbours’ property? In short, is it a double garage, with you both having access on your own property? It is well worth negotiating with your neighbour to have the entire roofing Liverpool project done at the same time. Not only could this reduce the outlay on the project for both parties, it will also ensure that the roofs match. This can enhance the look – and therefore the value – of both your properties. Another way of saving costs over the longer term is to avoid the traditional felt solutions and spend a little more from the outset on some of the newer, more sturdy materials on the market these days. This will extend the lifespan of your roof beyond the usual 15-20 years and reduce maintenance in the meantime. It’s a good option if you don’t plan to move house any time soon; but is also a valuable selling point if you are putting your property on the market. No new homeowner wants to have to address problems such as a damp garage as soon as they move in. Options for maintenance free flat roofing include EPDM, a plastic membrane; or fibreglass which can double the lifespan of a garage roof.

The best idea is to consult a trusted, reliable roofer Liverpool way. Ask them what garage roof replacement Liverpool solutions they recommend, then do a little research of your own into the pros and cons on the internet or from friends and family before you commit.