Warrington Roofers - Why Choose A Pitched Roof?

Warrington roofers can advise on your roofing options. One of the most fundamental is whether you’re going to choose a pitched or a flat roof for your property. Good roofers will be able to impartially advise on whether a pitched roof will be right for your purposes and honest about the costs.

Whether you’re planning a new build or adding an extension to your current property, deciding on a roofing style is probably one of the first decisions you have to make. It affects everything, from the look of the property to the budget of your project. Good roofers Liverpool based will explain the pros and cons of choosing a pitched roof over a flat one. Primarily, pitched roofs have an excellent lifespan and this is one of their chief benefits. Roofing Liverpool contractors will also tell you that the construction of a pitched roof allows for flexibility inside your property. It maximises your potential space and gives rise to the possibility of utilising your loft space for whatever purpose you decide. There are also positive benefits to be gleaned in terms of extra insulation and distancing the upper rooms from extremes of temperature. However, pitched roofs are also more expensive than flat ones. This is because their labour and materials costs are dramatically increased. Along with this, pitched roofs place more stress on the foundations of a property. For this reason, it might not be possible to replace a flat roof with a pitched one.

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