Warrington Roofer - For Chimney Repairs

Warrington roofer can offer a variety of services. One integral aspect of many properties is the chimney. If you have issues with your chimney, then good roofing contractors can advise on any remedial work that might be necessary. But for you as the homeowner, it’s important to know what issues are likely to occur with your chimney.

Chimneys must be well maintained in order for your property to remain stable and secure. They are a complex mix of brickwork and stonework along with mortar and lead flashing, all of which can decay as time passes. You need to consult with good roofers Liverpool based to ensure that it is kept in good working order. One of the primary issues you can experience with chimneys is crumbling mortar. When this occurs, it can leave your brickwork and stonework without sufficient support. In extreme cases, this can lead to chimney collapse. It’s obviously better to stop this crumbling process at the earliest possible stage and roofing Liverpool firms can assist with this. Don’t risk your home becoming a hazard: take care of your chimney and ensure the longevity of your property. Some common chimney maintenance and repair solutions include re-pointing and re-seating, complete re-builds or removal of the chimney and the installation of cowls and vents. In addition, lead soakers, gutters and the like can be installed to further prolong the life of your chimney. It’s vital that you employ a roofing contractor who is skilled in this area to undertake any work.

One such reputable roofing firm is Maintenance Free Roofing. We’re delighted to take on any chimney work you may require. We provide you with a skilled Warrington roofer to take a look at your problems and advise on solutions. Visit our website at to see what more we can do for you.