Roofers Warrington Cheshire - Benefits Of Clay Tiles

Roofers Warrington Cheshire based should always be willing to give you expert advice on the different types of roofing material you may wish to use. Your primary options are clay, slate and stone for pitched roofs, although there are alternatives available within these options. As far as clay tiling goes, you should know the benefits.

When you think of clay tiling, no doubt you think of rich red roofs. However, as a good roofer Liverpool wide will know, the benefit of clay lies in the array of shades on the market. This means that you can blend tiles and create beautiful finishes that perfectly complement your property. A competent roofing Liverpool contractor will be able to emulate the aesthetic of slate and mix tiles on site to create the perfect finish for you. If you need to replace old tiles on a like for like basis, there are still a number of companies within the UK who provide handmade roof tiling made in the traditional manner. These are manufactured completely by hand; whereas hand-formed tiles are slightly different and are only manipulated by hand at the end of the process to add character to it. One distinctive benefit of handmade tiles is that no two are the same. This adds true character to a property; although obviously, there are extra costs associated with this process. You may also run into questions about the local area and whether your roof would subsequently fit in. However, reputable roofers in the Merseyside area will be able to advise on whether clay tiles are suitable for your property.

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