Roofers In Warrington Cheshire - Why Choose Slate?

Roofers in Warrington Cheshire will advise you on which sort of tile would be best for your individual property. Your primary options for pitched roofs are slate, clay and stone, with slate being a popular resource in the UK. There are some important things to note if you decide that you want a slate roof on your property, whether you’re building from scratch or refurbishing.

In the UK, slate has long been an excellent material for roofing tiles primarily because it was quarried here. The difference in the modern era is that some slates on the market closely match those available in the UK without actually being from these shores. A good roofer Liverpool based will be able to tell you straight away where your slate will be imported from and this should give you some idea of the price you’re looking at, along with the quality. It’s a fact that quality varies from quarry to quarry, even if there isn’t much distance between them. Some of the most productive nations when it comes to slate are Spain, China and Brazil. However, there are distinct variants between these countries and superior Spanish slate is rated vastly above the best offerings from both China and Brazil. A competent roofing Liverpool firm will take a good look at the composition of slate products and advise you accordingly. It’s also worth noting that the costs of a slate installation are increased by the extra difficulties in creating a waterproof layer on the property. This is something to consider when thinking of slate tiles and you should always consult an expert.

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