Roofer Warrington To Tile Your Conservatory Roof

Roofer Warrington based should be able to attend to all your roofing needs. Something that is quite common these days is for conservatory roofs to be altered and tiled to better fit the requirements of the homeowner. This is especially likely if you’ve just purchased or are aiming to sell a property.

A roofer Liverpool based will be able to advise on the pitfalls of changing the roof of your conservatory to a tiled one. There are numerous regulations relating to altering conservatories and these must be adhered to. For instance, it’s an undeniable fact that when you are removing the transparent elements of a conservatory such as the glass or polycarbonate roof, you are altering the structure of the room. It’s no longer a conservatory but something more akin to a real extension of the property - where full building regulations will apply. This can be concealed from you by some roofing Liverpool contractors, but it’s vitally important that you understand it from the outset. It’s also true that there are numerous load-bearing questions to ask when you consider tiling your conservatory roof. Many PVC windows are simply not designed to take the kind of load that tiles will put on them and corner posts will not be of a sufficient strength either. You’ll need to have honest and frank discussion with your preferred roofing contractor about the problems and solutions to your conservatory conversion. If they don’t seem to know what they’re talking about then consult someone else.

For instance, Maintenance Free Roofing has a long history in this area. We make it our business to be up to date on all rules and regulations relating to our industry. If you’re searching for a roofer Warrington based to carry out alterations to your conservatory roof, then call us today on 0151 321 1159. Alternatively, visit our website at